Trust Wallet (Mobile)

Saturn Wallet Details

Trust Wallet Mobile App

Trust Wallet is an iOS (Open Source) and Android (Closed Source) multi cryptocurrency wallet. This is the recommended Mobile app for ONEX Network token, see tutorials for staking ONEX with Trust wallet.

Saturn Wallet (Desktop)

Saturn Wallet Details

Saturn Wallet Browser Extension

Saturn Wallet is an extension which allows you to seamlessly access dApps across the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchain from your browser.

Nifty Wallet (Desktop)

Nifty Wallet Details

Nifty Wallet Browser Extension

Nifty Wallet provides the ability to access and interact with Ethereum - Etherum Classic based distributed applications (dApps) using a web browser.

ONEX AutoStaker Bot

AutoStaker Details

ONEX AutoStaker Bot - Coming Soon

AutoStaker will automate the minting of your ONEX tokens following your configuration file. Remember the Minimum Coin Age for ONEX is 3 days and the maximum staking period is 90 days.

Coming Soon

Saturn Price Watch Bot

Saturn Price Watch Bot Details

Saturn Price Watch Bot

Saturn Pricewatch bot is able to monitor any token market for you on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, if a buy or sell order is created at the price you have set or better then Pricewatch Bot will execute the trade for you. Please note this is an alpha version so you may come across some bugs, please do report them here on the forum.

Saturn Market Making Bot

Saturn Market Making Bot Details

Saturn Market Making Bot

Saturn Market Making bot will monitor a token’s order book on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, creating buy & sell orders for you automatically to keep a token’s marketplace healthy following the strategy you set up.

Charts/ONEX Stats

Saturn Tools

Saturn Tools Details

Saturn Tools

Saturn Tools is a project that provides a complete overview of Saturn Network exchange’s trading statistics on both Ethereum or Ethereum Classic network. It also provides some more detailed statistics along with charts for certain tokens such as SATURN, BCT or ONEX.